Welcome to the workshop!

My expertise centres around windows and doors – restoring or replacing all types of window, making bespoke front/back doors and frames, and repairing or replacing rotten parts of door and window frames.

Another side of my work tends to focus on boat joinery – making things for boats can be tricky, but I enjoy dealing with the angles and curves and weathering issues (leaks!) which would probably send most carpenters running for the hills.

I also have experience with other odds and ends – e.g., repair and restoration to furniture (I have a large collection of timbers so we can be sure to find a match); custom beds and sofas; construction of unique knick-knacks and decorative pieces,.. I’m sure you can tell – I enjoy working in collaborations where I can help with your unusual woodwork queries.

I am always careful to make my aesthetic style sympathetic to existing architecture; this approach helps me to create visually pleasing pieces, whilst my attention to structural quality ensures my work will stand the test of time.